Every time we get dumped on, snow-wise, in the city, the plows push the snow into the middle of the downtown streets. What do you call that hump o'snow? 

Usually, the evening after the big snow, the big snow blowers come out and they get it out of the middle of the street, blowing it into trucks and dumping it...where? No idea. BUT, it's a good quick way to get the streets clear and, even, avoid plowing cars in.

Because you're way more creative than me, I asked you to name that hump. Some were far less patient with the hump than others.

  • Sheila Snow strip
  • Tina Lee Crap in the middle! 😛
  • John Snurd ?
  • Heidi The wall? 😛 Just kidding
  • Clayton How about pain in the snow ass
  • Brandon I'd call it "maybe we should get out there earlier and remove it all."
  • Brandon Or "no plan on what to do with all the snow.
  • Toni Lefse median - cause the they lefsome behind!
  • Cheryl Middle mound
  • Cheryl instead of road kill snow kill
  • Bill Its called finish the job!
  • Amanda In Iceland they call it Slabb Krap (correct spelling) :)
  • Amanda Backing traffic up that's for sure!! Dumb!!

Amanda's last one came with a picture. I had the same problem that night, too!

backking up traffic

For the record, I think I laughed the loudest at Toni's "Lefse median - cause the they lefsome behind!" That's' just straight up funny.

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