What does Rochester like burned? I may have given the biggest hint right up there in S'more land. But it's not the most popular thing to eat burned that I loved, it's the sheer number of time I agreed with your choices! 

Rochester most loved burned food is...marshmallows. Most of the time in S'mores, but not always. But, almost always camping. Very few people said they love burned S'mores in their living room.

Heather Sturgis said,

I like a LOT burnt..lol especially my burgers. I also burn the heck out of my marshmallows over a fire, eating burnt layer after burnt layer.

Mmmmm. That charcoaly goodness!

Full red bucket of popcorn.

Emily Nicklay said she loves popcorn burned. I can't stand the smell of burned popcorn, and when I get a burned piece by mistake, I shudder. Like, really...shudder. Like when you hear Styrofoam squeak.  But, I'm not knockin' Emily's taste. Far from it, I'm happy there's someone to eat up the nasty bits of popcorn.

Emily also said cheese...and I'm assuming it's like I like, on a 'fake' grilled cheese. That's where you take a slice of bread, top it with a slice of American Cheese, and put it under the broiler. You're supposed to take it out when it's brown, but I always let it go to burned, then either fold it in two and eat it up, or peel off the burned part and eat that.


Heidi McKenzie was the first to mention lasagna edges, and oh yeah. Plus the crispy bits left in the pan. So so good!

And finally, Jules said she loves...

...scented candles. (you did not specify food.)

And she's so right! After a candle is blown out, the li'l trail of smoke rising like a lark at break of day is so fulfilling.

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