Let me tell you what's giving me a panic attack today.

What did you inherit from you parents? Looks? Habits? Personality?

I got glasses when I was in fourth grade. When I first got glasses, kids in school told me I looked like Elton John. Before I got glasses, kids told me I looked like scary actor John Malkovich. I liked being told I looked like Elton John better. Both my parents had glasses. So it was kinda cool looking like a celebrity.

Now that I'm older, I don't mind being told that I look like my dad. Since he's been gone, that's kinda a compliment.

I was looking at my hands the other day, and I'm starting to notice something.

My left finger is starting to hook, while my right finger is still straight...

I've seen that somewhere before.

I remember my grandmother's hands. The joints of her fingers were a little bigger. I see my mom's fingers are the same way.

This is my mom's left finger...

This is what's freakin' me out: It's really cool that people tell me I'm like my dad. That I look like him or sound like him or act a little like. It's great that I got my looks from Dad. Maybe I got some other things like a little personality and mannerisms. But apparently, I did not inherit Dad's man-hands. I got granny hands.