I hesitate to begin this story at the point where Rob Kenney is 14 and his dad tells the kids, "I don't want you anymore." Because that sounds like such a downer, but you know, that's exactly the reason Kenney, now in his 50's, created a YouTube channel called, "Dad How Do I?"

Shattered Magazine wrote a powerful story about Kenney.

The custody battle raged on after the divorce, and Rob’s father filed a restraining order against his mother. “He got custody of us, but he didn’t really want us,” Rob said. “I think he was kind of done by that time.”

The kids lived on their own for weeks at a time. Their father loaded them up with groceries then left town for a week of work. The breaking point took place just before that day in the kitchen when Rob’s dad told his older siblings he didn’t want them anymore. (Source)

Creating a bunch of 'how-to" videos is an idea that's been in him for a while. He and his wife raised successful kids, and he wanted to be a resource for people that may be in the same situation and don't know exactly how to do some every day things.

How to change a tire, how to iron a shirt, how to shave your face. Stuff not taught in school. Please, check out his channel HERE. He just started (the Covid-19 stay-at-homeness really left him with no excuse to put it off any longer), and already has over a million followers.

ps - Don't miss the video comments...he really connects with people.

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