I realized the other day that this is what my life has come to.

0 Aftermath

I used to be cool back in the day. Then I decided to become a Dad.

It's pretty cool, 'cos we like the same things. I'll watch whatever their watching. They like the music that I play and listen to. Whenever they need a "food buddy", I'm there for them. You know what I'm talking about, right? A food buddy is when the kids go back for seconds and wind up full, somebody Dad gets another helping so nothing gets wasted. I am the designated family food buddy.

I am also the only one in the house willing to eat the heel end of the loaf of bread!


See that? On the left is an actual loaf of bread. On the right is my Dad's Loaf of bread. It's all the heel slices that have been collected from all the loaves. Everybody else goes right to the actual loaf, casting aside the heel slice. I'm not one to let those slices go unused, so that's what I use for my sandwiches.

Yes, it's true. I used to be cool. Now I'm the heel of the family.

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