With the Turkey Cash Call, you can win cash, $1,000! What'll that get you in Rochester? I did the work for you, and here are my top five pics...with a heavy bit of encouraging on $5, OK?

  • Your Own Cave (for a few minutes, anyway)

  • Remember those Lost in Service to the USA

    Visit the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial and place over 83 dozen American Flags to catch everyone's eye and remind them of the sacrifice so many made.

  • Visit the Plummer House

    Buy 13 of the world's best fingernail clippers ($75 each), and gather 13 friends for a visit to the Plummer House gardens. When everyone's down there, tell everyone to crouch and clip the area around them. Free Lawn Mowing! You're welcome, city!

    Christian Delbert
  • Sit and Watch the Reflections in the Mayo Buildings

    Buy about 281 Hunts Snack Packs (two each for over 560 delicious snacks), take them with you to the Calvary Episcopal Church in Downtown Rochester, and enjoy while marveling at the reflections on the Gonda Building.

  • 94 1/2 Grilled Mac/Cheese Melts!

    You say you couldn't eat 94.5 Grilled Mac and Cheese Melts? Watch the video and get back to me. It is one sexy sammich!  Also, you could invite a bunch of friends for lunch at your place. Or put on a lunch to thank me for the idea. Whatever. I made a sexy sammich video for this...check it out here.

    CREDIT: James Rabe