Do you have the New Year all mapped out?

Catherine Jones

I've only made one New Year's resolution. One that I was determined to stick to.

It was 2010. My wife and I were feeling kind of discouraged. We'd done just about everything we could think of to become adoptive parents. Nothing. I was wondering if it was time to give up. December 2010 rolled around. I was sitting in front of my laptop on social media looking at my blank status.

"Do people still make New Year's Resolutions?"

That was what I was wondering. And then I typed mine.

"I want to be a Dad in 2011."

I was surprised when I got an immediate response. A friend sent me a personal message.

"There's this boy..."

I first met my son, Justin, a few days later - January 3rd, 2011. He came home for good, October 23rd, 2011. Mission accomplished!

I met my son, Ethan, September 29th, 2011. I met my daughter, Bella, in November 2012.

Marek Uliasz

A new year, like a new month - a new week and a new day - is a fresh chance for a new start, right? I get that. I've only made the one New Year's Resolution.

Have you made a resolution that changed your life? What was it?


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