NBC is bringing back Will & Grace for a limited 10-episode run this Fall. Could a Friends reunion be far behind? What would that look like?

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I'm a huge Friends fan.

A couple years ago - January 1st, 2015 - when Netflix debuted the hugely popular NBC "Must-See TV" sitcom there was a lot of fanfare. James Michael Tyler (the unofficial Seventh Friend - or eighth, depending on how you figure in Janice), who played Gunther, and The Rembrandts, got together to promote the show streaming online.

Every few months, there's a rumor of a reunion or revival. Not too long ago most of the cats got back together to salute one of their directors, James Burrows. The shows creators say that when the show wrapped after ten seasons, they reached "The End". There's nothing to go back to, and nothing to go back for.

Unless there IS.

I could see three scenarios for a possible - and I do mean, possible - Friends reunion. I wouldn't want to be the one to start rumors that there's a Friends reunion. Until there's actual word of one - then I'm totally taking credit for it.

Here's my Top 3 Friends Reunion Scenarios. What would a reunion special episode look like to you?

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    The One About A Thanksgiving Reunion

    Holiday episodes of Friends were Eh-pick! The annual Thanksgiving episodes where everything went wrong were pretty hilarious. Having a huge Thanksgiving reunion at Chandler and Monica's would be kinda cool to see. The creators agree that there's no reason to "check in"; that no one really needs the money a check-in reunion special would be all about. It would be kinda cool to see where the twins, Emma and Ben are now.

    A birthday reunion could work this year, Ross would be turning 50!

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    The One About Monica and Ross Parents

    Remember The One Where Nana Dies Twice and The One Where Mister Heckles Dies? Classics! What would bring every body back together would either be a wedding or a funeral. I'd hate to be the one to kill off Elliot Gould, but it could either be him...or Christina Pickles who played mom, Judy Geller.

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    The One About Ben

    Ben would be 22 this year. Just a few years younger than the original cast when the show first premiered. He could be starting his first job, or graduating college or, seeing as how he's Ross' son, working through a first or second divorce. What special life event going on in Ben's life would bring everybody back together? That would be cool to see!

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