Here are just a few things we need to stop sharing on social media.

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Social media is pretty awesome. It's an opportunity to connect. I stay in touch with former co-workers and old high school friends. In a pinch, I have a bunch of people that would drop everything on a Saturday morning and help me move furniture...

Really, what social media is all about is bragging rights.

"It's a shame you can't be here with me this morning and enjoy this awesome breakfast I made! Here's a picture of it to make you hungry! Enjoy!"

There are a few things we should probably stop sharing on social media. Or, never have started sharing at all.

5. Ranting about your job or your boss. Even if you've set your preferences so your boss might not see what you're posting, remember The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Someone you know probably knows your boss and just might share that rant. There's a better solution to ranting about your job or boss on social media. You know what it is.

4. A winning Lottery Ticket. Get this, a woman posted her winning lottery ticket on social media, and someone else used the ticket barcode to claim her money!

3. Your Paycheck...or your bank statement or anything with your account information. Yeah, we get it, you want to brag and show off. Oh, wait somebody just hacked your account and you're broke now? Oops.

2. Travel Plans. My wife and I had to be very careful about this. We were pretty excited to bring our kids home and share that news on social media. We didn't want to leave ourselves wide open while we were gone.

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1. Your driver's license or passport. A few years ago, at the San Diego Comic-Con Smallville star John Schneider made a surprise appearance for that series panel. He didn't have a name card, so he threw his down his driver's license. Luckily, people just took down his address to drop by for a visit. Or to par-tay. That kinda thing can lead to identity theft.

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I was so excited about this step in bringing all three of my kids home. It was the final step to getting on the plane and coming home. For eh-var.

Sharing is good. But too much sharing is not a good thing.

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