Back in November, I went digging for answers to see if the rumor was true that Crooked Pint restaurant would be reopening in Rochester, Minnesota(If you missed that announcement, you can read that update here.). Well, the signs are up and the rumor is squashed and now I've got an update on when they are planning to open!

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

When is Crooked Pint Planning on Opening in Rochester, Minnesota?

I saw a bunch of people asking on Facebook, "When is Crooked Pint opening?" and thought I'd help everyone out and try to find out the opening date.  I reached out to the company and below is what the plan is right now.

...we are shooting for March 15th, assuming we don’t have any more construction delays. We will be doing a friends and family soft opening the Saturday before, and we are still hiring!  - Crooked Pint

As you can see from their statement, Crooked Pint is still hiring so if you are looking for a job, get in touch with them ASAP.  You can find their contact info on their Facebook page here.

Jessica Williams
The new Crooked Pint location will be located at the Ramada building on South Broadway.  Photo by Jessica Williams

Why is there a Green Mill sign up by the new Crooked Pint location in Rochester, Minnesota?

If you've driven by the new place for Crooked Pint, you've probably noticed that there is a Green Mill sign also outside on the building.  It is a real thing and it is not going away.  If you missed that update, you can read the latest on this restaurant relationship here.

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