That's perfectly normal, right?

When I come home, the biggest and loudest "Hello!" I get is from our "furry" child, Maize. She barks until I say "Hello!" back, and give her some attention.

Maize is the official doorbell first responder. When the kids come home from school, when we have house guests, she barks to let us know someone is here and then barks a friendly greeting, waiting and expecting to be answered.


If I'm sitting, doing something on the computer; watching a show or a movie; or, reading, she'll bark to get my attention. It's usually for one of a few things. Water, food, or OUT RIGHT NOW, PLEASE! My response? "Okay. Alright. I know."

When your pet talks to you, do you talk back?

According to a BuzzFeed personality survey, 83% actually do. I wouldn't say that's a weird habit. Would you?


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