Nothing good comes after the phrase, "We have to talk."

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This is exactly why we shouldn't let the calendar tell us when to be romantic. Why do we pick the middle of Winter to be romantic? St. Valentine's Day is February 14th, y'say? He's the "patron saint" of "woh-mance", y'say?

Today is "Red Tuesday". That doesn't mean you wear red for a worthwhile cause. No, It's "Red Tuesday", because today is the last day you can change your social media status from "in a relationship"  to "single" without coming off as too much of a jerk. You're still a pretty bad person if you break up with someone one week before Valentine's Day, just to save yourself some hassle. That's like getting married, waiting a few months, and then either breaking up before a birthday or your first anniversary. Who does that?, a cheaters website, asked their members. 30% said they've done that. 80% said they've done it to save themselves some trouble on Valentine's Day. Over half broke up face-to-face. 28% phoned it in; 12% texted it; 5% broke it off by social media.


Now, these are results from members on a cheaters site. Actual numbers may vary. You and your partner might come to one of two conclusions together: celebrate special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays; or, make Valentine's Day a special occasion because you want to, not just 'cos it's a Tuesday, or it's February 14th.

Are you planning something for Valentine's Day? What are you cooking up?


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