Only Barbie Box in Southeast Minnesota Is Now At Downtown Rochester Business Ready for Selfies!

I have been wondering if this amazing selfie spot was ever going to show up in Southeast Minnesota.  I was looking for it at the movie theater the other day when I went to see Barbie but...nope.  I had to take a selfie with a Barbie logo on a tv screen.  :/  #MissedOpportunity

The rest of the world is all stepping in this very pink box to grab a selfie and now if you live in Southeast Minnesota, YOU can too!

"Barbie" Takeover At Circa Resort & Casino
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According to a Facebook post by Choochoo-ca-Chew, Rochester NOW had a Barbie box.

Built the only Barbie box in Rochester and it is now in Mezza9 Cafe & Dessert . I couldn't tolerate how Rochester didn't have a Barbie box for the biggest movie of the year and a great excuse for a photo op, so I took the matter into my own hands. A huge thank you to Mezza9 for supporting this project! Gotta make Rochester fun.
Now your turn, go get some photos with the box. 💓💖💗
Ps. It's made out of foam, step carefully please 😅


I'm going to head over to grab a selfie at some point soon.  I'll post it over on my Facebook page once I make that happen.  Give it a follow - Jessica On The Radio - to see mine.  And I'll probably have to enjoy an amazing treat too from Mezza9 Cafe & Dessert.  If you haven't heard of this place yet, you can check out the story that I wrote about its opening on our website here.

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...thanks for making this happen Choochoo-ca-Chew and Mezza9 Cafe & Dessert!

What A Minnesota Barbie Should Wear And Have for Accessories

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