UPDATE: If you haven't had a chance to visit, the Halloween display with all of the inflatables in Rochester, Minnesota, it will be up until the evening of Wednesday, November 3rd!  Remember to bring a few dollars (or a whole bunch!) too.  There isn't a charge to walk through the display but they are collecting donations for Channel One.  Check out the update below to see how much has been collected already!

The absolute best Halloween display in Rochester, Minnesota already has 113 inflatables set up with more being added before October 31st!  Figure out your costumes and be sure to have this house on your "Must Visit" list.

Credit: Lucy Baril
Credit: Lucy Baril

Best Halloween Display in Rochester, Minnesota is in Northwest Rochester

I remember when I first found out about this house in Rochester, I drove over to it with my kids and then just stood in front of it with my mouth open in awe.  The display is gigantic and takes up the entire yard and driveway.  But something magical is happening here too.  I'll explain more about that in a sec.

Address for the Huge Halloween Display in NW Rochester

If you drive by 5348 51st NW in Rochester right now, you'll see over 113 inflatables that have been pulled out of storage and are up and ready to go for the big Halloween display this year.


3 more inflatables up, including the big 21 foot cat, which required the movement of other inflatables. Right now we have 113 inflatables up with more to be setup tomorrow night. - Boyer Halloowen Facebook Page

Yes, they have a Facebook page.  There are a TON of photos there that shows the progress so far this year.  It's pretty fun to glance at and shows how hard this family works to bring joy this time of year to everyone.

And now for the magic!  This Halloween display helped raise $1,004.46 for Channel One last year!  Check out how much has been raised so far in 2021!

Remember how I told you something magical was happening in this yard?  Last year, this Halloween display helped raise over $1,000 dollars for Channel One Regional Food Shelf!  Here's how it happened...everyone that comes to visit has a chance to donate via cash or checks while they are there.  It's not a requirement but every penny helps and that $1,000 last year went on buy 4,000 meals for people in our area.

Thank you everyone!! Together we raised $1004.46 for Channel One in Rochester!! You guys are awesome!!!
Edit: Channel 1 came and picked up the money, he told me that the $1000 donated will buy 4000 meals for people in need. Every month, Channel 1 serves 10,000 meals, so your generosity takes care of almost half of those meals. He was pretty blown away at the amount raised!
Thank you so much everyone!!! - Boyer Halloowen Facebook Page in 2020

So far in 2021, over $4,000 has been donated!  

Only 8 more hours (two nights) of run time for Boyer Halloween inflatables. Tonight we were up and saw more donations to Channel One. As of tonight we are at $4,077.36. If we keep our eye on the prize maybe we can get to $4,100 for donations. Thank you all again for those who have donated. - Boyer Halloowen Facebook Page


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