Check Out These Hot Spots in Rochester, Minnesota Where TV Celebrities Would Hang Out

We know that a lot of celebrities have visited Rochester because of Mayo Clinic, but where would they go in our town to just hang out?  I asked around to see where our "Cheers" would be or where the cast of Friends would be drinking coffee and here are a few of the favorite spots in town.

If Your Favorite TV Character Was in Rochester, Minnesota, They Would Hang Out At...

There are some places in Rochester, Minnesota that just have a vibe and you know, if a popular TV character was actually real, THIS would be their spot. Look below to see if you'd pick the same TV characters for these hot spots in town.

I was trying to get some consistent answers with these shows too - Desperate Housewives, Dead to Me, The Good Place, How I Met Your Mother, and Saved By The Bell.  If you've got ideas on those, can you shoot me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio?  I'd love to hear what you think would be the hangout spot in town for those characters too.

Did Celebrities Actually Show Up At These Spots in Rochester, Minnesota?

No, there were no celebrity sightings at these locations of characters on the tv shows listed above.  This was JUST FOR FUN.  But, if you are up for it, feel free to go to these places dressed up in character and see if you can get people to start taking photos of you.  You should even take a selfie yourself and tag me...THAT would make my day.

Rochester has had quite a few celebrity sightings though.  We've got a huge list below of celebrities that have frequented Rochester because of treatment at Mayo Clinic.  But, just a few months ago, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, were spotted in Rochester enjoying a meal at Bleu Duck and walking along Broadway.  If you missed that news, you can see why they were in the Med City here.

12 Celebrities Who Have Been Patients at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

When you are one of the best hospitals in the world, you are going to attract some celebrities. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has seen quite a few throughout its history.

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