I'm looking forward to the Jim Brickman show this evening at the Mayo Civic Center! There are a few tickets left if you decide to come last minute!  I am taking my mom and she is excited!  We both went to see Jim at the Orchestra Hall up in Minneapolis in December of 2011 when he did his Christmas show.   That time of year on Y105 we play one of his Christmas songs, 'The Gift'.  If you are not familiar with Jim Brickman's music, I promise you, he could musically blow you away.   I really don't know as if he fits nicely into a certain type of music box.  He is a piano player.  Mostly, I appreciate his musical skill.  He is one of those performers who really gets notes and technique.   

Steve Frost

Jim Brickman is here on Y105 on Saturday mornings.  Before I went to his live performance a few years ago, I really had no idea what a concert of his would be like.  I took my mom back then, and I remember thinking to myself, "Mom is going to love this!", but as far as I went, I was not so sure.  I am very passionate about music, and I like my music certain ways. I have attended several thousand, if not millions of concerts in my short amount of time on this planet.  If I love the artist, I more than likely will see them more than once.


Steve Frost

I like music really upbeat and even danceable.  I like it when songs inspire you.  When I think of 'Romantic Piano,' which is kinda Jim Brickman's forte,  I thought, 'MEH', piano player, it's probably more of a mom-kinda thing. Maybe it is something you hear when you are shopping or in an elevator, right? I was anxious to take my mom and thought we would have a good time together either way.  I was very wrong about my idea that he would be boring and old fashioned.

I have been very musical since a very young age myself, and I also play piano.   I took piano lessons, and I can play a mean 'Mary Had A Little Lamb,', 'Row Your Boat Ashore,' and other easy little ditty's.   In other words, I am no where near as skilled on the keys as he is obviously.   He may be old-fashioned, in the sense that he plays music the way that it should be played.   He done blew us away with his concert, musically.

Steve Frost

Do you know what it is like to sit in a room where you can almost hear a pin drop because the entire audience is concentrating on the sound that is coming from the stage?  It was like that.   It was more than just Jim, it was his guest musicians and the entire production. He was very entertaining, and the show clipped along like an excellent movie that has you on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next.

There was a performance by Tracy Silverman and his electric violin, the harmonies of the other vocalists and Jim when they sang, the pristine and crisp notes as they flowed almost in a dream sequence.   Suddenly, in that concert venue, mom and I were treated to a totally different world that was captivating and engaging.

Steve Frost

I remember it so vividly, as if we were transported into a fantasy world that just sounded beautiful.  I was able to meet with Jim Brickman after his show and he was so kind and took photos with us and signed our tickets.  I remember talking to him and Tracey Silverman.  They were both appreciative, kind, humble people, and happy that we were there to see them play.

Tonight is going to be fun, and I hope to see many of you there!

You can click here, or above to find some last minute tickets.

Until then, enjoy these videos of past performances to get an idea of what his show is like.