First time I met him, I was impressed.  I helped organize an event where Kris Humphries and his foundation came to teach and coach kids in the area.  Anything that deals with an NBA basketball player draws attention.  This was also shortly after a relationship with Kim as you can imagine, many people were wanting to talk with Kris Humphries.  After the event, there was a time where Kris was open for interviews and I helped make those interviews happen for the local news crews in town.  One of those was Sean Tehan.

I've bumped into Sean a few times since then.  The most recent time was when he was at the Twins Caravan and was interviewing some of the players that were in town.  I tried really hard to stay out of the camera but when I watched the news later that night...there was my face.

Change is in the air and Sean shared some news on his Facebook page today:

Some news to report: I will be leaving the KAAL sports team, and my last day will be Friday, March 29.

Sean went on to thank his co-workers at KAAL and everyone who helped "make the magic happen" in the world of television because it really is more than just the person in front of the camera.  You can read more about his news on his Facebook page.

Sounds like I might still bump into you now and then...but wishing you the best!

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