This. Is. Amazing. Over $8,000 dollars in delinquent lunch accounts just...((poof)) disappeared. Gone. Not a worry for those parents anymore. Who did it?

First Alliance Credit Union did! You hear their commercials on our stations, and now, students and parents won't be hearing reminders about past-due balances because First Alliance Credit Union donated $8,500 to be "used exclusively to pay down account balances for families who qualify for reduced-price lunches, yet are struggling to pay back the remaining balances."

According to the Rochester Public Schools, about 35% of families in their district qualify for free and reduced-price lunches. Across the district, 25% of the negative balances owed originate from students already receiving reduced-price lunches.

In a press release, First Alliance Credit Union’s President/CEO, Michael Rosek said

Our goal as a credit union is to give back to the community that supports us. Helping families who are struggling financially is where we believe we can make the greatest impact.”


Kudos, First Alliance. This is the kinda stuff that makes everyone feel like we're in a community.

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