Someone stole the Green Bay, Wisconsin police chief? Yep. Shouldn't that be called kidnapping? was shoplifting. Kinda.


Yep. Maybe it's an "only-in-Wisconsin" kinda thing. Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith gets around real good...but there's no way for him to be in every store to stop shoplifting, right? So, there are a bunch of Chief Smiths around the city. Life-sized cutouts with warnings about shoplifting.

Sadly, not with a voice box triggered by motion-detector. THAT would be awesome.

"Hey, you! Are you thinking of shoplifting? Well, DON'T! I got my eye on youuuuu!"

Someone walked off with one from a Kwik Trip (did they visit the majestic roller grill first?), literally shoplifting the chief despite the warnings about not shoplifting.

The Green Bay Gazette talked to the chief and he said,

No doubt Smith was flattered a thief might want a replica of his handsome face and debonair figure for his very own, but he expressed it humbly: “I figure the cutout is posted at a shooting range somewhere, or perhaps lining a birdcage in someone’s house.”

In an updated story, the GB Gazette says the thief has been found, as has the cutout. Sadly, without a head. The guy that reportedly took it demanded a warrant, but...

...with the help of the man's landlord, officers were able to recover the chief. "Unfortunately, he was broken,” (Police Captain) Laux said.

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