Dew you hate auto-correct as much as eye dew?

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I have no problem laughing at myself. I make my fair share of blunders, and I have learned to laugh, shrug, and move on.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar got the news, just like the rest of us that George Michael had passed away peacefully at home on Christmas Day.


She tweeted,

"Do you really want to hurt me? I guess you do 2016-#RIPBoyGeorge I was truly on of your biggest fans."

Oh, boy! Whoopsie!

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Boy George is still among the living.

Folks were nice enough to point out that it was George Michael that had passed away.

"Just as sad when you get the correct information. #RIPGeorgeMichael thank you to everyone who corrected me-it's still so sad"

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Yes. Yes it is. But she didn't let it go there...

"And for the record yes i completely know the difference between Boy George and George Michael- I heard incorrectly. My intentions were good"


SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro And George Lucas Speak At The Investment Company Institute Meeting
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George Lucas seems to be in pretty good shape. Legendary actress, Debbie Reynolds updated her daughter "Princess Leia", Carrie Fisher's condition as stable Sunday night, following a heart attack she suffered as her flight was landing in LA.

Gellar continued her apology...

"This is why I don't comment on public matters, but it all seemed so sad on Christmas. Lesson Learned."

Texas Rising
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Brendan Fraser was in one really bad George of the Jungle movie. Neither he or Curious George could be reached for comment.

What's the most embarrassing "faux pas" you've committed?



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