Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester City Council will soon have to make some decisions on the planned new parking ramp that will serve the Broadway at Center project.  

The Council was briefed Wednesday on preliminary designs and costs, which could run as high as $19 million.

The ramp is expected to include nearly 500 spaces with about a fifth set aside for the hotel project.

There are two major decisions the Council has to make before the design can be finalized. 

One is a proposal to add a third bay that would be built over the railroad tracks on the east side of the ramp. That would add another 144 public spaces at an estimated cost of $4 million.

The other proposal is to spend an extra $750,000 so the ramp could accommodate a large residential or office tower that would be built on the east side. The Council was told that proposal can be offered to developers while the final design is being completed.  

It’s expected work will begin on the ramp this fall so it can be ready for the planned January 2018 opening of the new hotel.

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