I know we are supposed to love everyone, but if you've ever had a relationship end because...let's just say hypothetically speaking, the guy was an absolute jerk and cheated on you, a little revenge can be fun. 💔 Yes, the comfort from friends when they say "you are so better off without him" is nice but a restaurant in Wisconsin has something better to heal your broken heart - FIRE. 🔥🔥🔥


Wisconsin Restaurant Wants To Torch Your Ex During Anti-Valentine's Week

I know you are probably well aware of your ex's Facebook and Instagram accounts.  You may have even noticed a new person smiling by his or her side.  All that stalking is paying off because now you need to save one of those pictures you saw, print it off, and bring it to Truk't in Beloit, Wisconsin.  (And I promise, they won't know you are doing this unless you accidentally hit the "like" or "heart" button. If you do that...well, you are on your own.) 


All that work is going to pay off and your heart is going to feel healed because Truk't, a restaurant in Wisconsin, wants to set that photo on fire for you!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. We'll take liquor over dinner for two.
ANTI-VALENTINE'S WEEK - Bring in a photo of your ex for us to torch at the bar and you’ll get a shot on the house. You heard right. You bring the photo, we'll bring the fire and liquor. - Truk't Facebook Event Page

If you don't think this is hilarious, I wish I had all of your perfectly happy relationships.  If you think this is the best thing ever, you and I are now friends...and maybe I'll see you in Beloit, Wisconsin soon. 😉

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