Top 20 of the Worst Minnesota Towns to Live In

Minnesota is a very nice state.  We've got all of the seasons...and sometimes our year even includes a few fake springs just to tease us.  People are fairly friendly.  We don't have an ocean but we do have enough lakes for everyone to enjoy.  We've got a lot of perks but unfortunately, crime, poverty levels, and unemployment rates are putting a few towns on the "Worst Places to Live" list.

"If you want to live happily ever after, you might want to think twice before setting your sights on any of these 20 worst places to live in Minnesota." -

Top 20 of the Worst Minnesota Towns to Live In

Minnesota Nice has a nice ring to it but unfortunately, a few towns are showing a lack of hospitality and a little bit more crime. If you are considering a move, maybe check the stats on the Minnesota towns below that were list listed as the top 20 of the worst towns to live in according to Money Inc.

You can read the full report and more statistics about each town at

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