Sometimes I don't understand the world. It's a confusing and confounding place. And today, more than yesterday. Do people really eat banana / mayo sandwiches?

I've had many many sandwiches. I'm no sandwich pro, but I've had enough to know a thing or two about a thing or sandwich two and this just...doesn't...feel...right.

Tomato and mayo sandwiches? You bet. 24/7 and three times on Monday. But, untasted, I will swear the banana / mayo combo isn't natural. Maybe even verging on eveeeeel!

He swears it, but I don't know his taste. Maybe he likes deep fat fried fish that's been sitting on a buffet for 12 hours, under a heat lamp, with kids touching it every half hour.

And I'm not speaking without some experience as far as nanners and sandwiches go. PB and B sandwiches are amaze-basket-balls! But, add mayo, and blam blech! I used to have a brother in law that are PB and M and B sandwiches. I tried 'em.

Dissssssss ((wait for it)).....gusting! Blech!

if i had to give a reason it'd be that a banana offers little to no contrast to the mayonnaise. A tomato (a good one anyway) ain't nuttin' but contrasty goodness!

So, no internet machine...I will NOT try your banana / mayo deviltry.