It was a beautiful Sunday, I was having breakfast with a few friends and one of 'em said something that made my eyes bug out! We were talking about Halloween, and what we going to wear to work on Friday. One of my friends said they were dressing up as a dog and then, on Halloween, they were taking their dog trick-or-treating!

It's taken me YEARS to get to the point where I don't openly roll my eyes at people that say their dogs LOVE dressing up for Halloween, but now I have to deal with dogs trick-or-treating? What are the rules? Do I have to buy dog treats? Is it OK to just say, "Ohhhhh, what a cute doggy!" Or will a, "GET OFF MY PROPERTY or I'll sick the law on ye!" do? What's the protocol?

Oh, and she has no kids...just she, her husband, and the dog. Knock Knock. Trick or Treat! WOOF OR WOOF!

I just can't...

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