I honestly can't believe it. All season long, the Twins defied the odds. They were an absolute joy to watch, to follow and an incredible story.

Even a couple weeks ago, with the Twins maintaining their cushion for the second wild-card spot, the so-called "experts" didn't give the Twins a chance. The Angels have Mike Trout, the Angels made the moves for Brandon Phillips and Justin Upton. The Twins? They traded away their All-Star closer in the middle of the season.

As I child, I was almost spoiled with watching talented Twins teams in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2010. By the age of 16, I had saw six playoff teams for my hometown squad. The only issue, I only saw one playoff series win. I have only seen six playoff game wins.

Hopefully, now in 2017, I will see my favorite team win this Wild-Card game.

Even knowing that 4:30 was going to come very, very early, I couldn't sleep. I had the feeling that the Twins were going to clinch last night, and when I saw that they did, I went nuts.

Yeah, I went nuts at 11:00pm, celebrating something that I have not celebrated in seven years. A team that was given no chance made the cut, and will now get to play in the winner-take-all Wild-Card Game.

Man, it is going to be wild.

I am a huge Vikings, Wild and Timberwolves fan, but even seeing them in the playoffs does not give the same enjoyment as when the Twins make the postseason.

There is something about baseball, in that way, that makes it the greatest game.

You see the players celebrating as if they almost won the World Series. Some will say that they took it a little too far. Some will say that they only made the Wild-Card and it shouldn't even count as making the post-season.

The Twins lost 103 games last season. The Twins were a laughing stop of MLB for a solid five years. Teams used us to get out of slumps. This year, it all stopped. For 157 games, the Twins battled. So yeah, let them celebrate it. They certainly deserve it! This tweet says it all.

The Twins had a FOUR PERCENT CHANCE to make the playoffs on August 1st, and they did it. A truly incredible run.

The Twins will take on the Yankees or the Red Sox come Tuesday, with a 6pm pregame show and a 7:10pm first pitch, we will carry the action for you on 103.1 KFIL!

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