A pumpkin patch in Saint Charles, Minnesota was robbed on Monday.  Now, the search is on for an item that was stolen from youth that help run the pumpkin patch.

The youth group at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church has been working hard getting their pumpkin patch and other items ready to sell for the season.  Unfortunately, on Monday night, someone decided to steal the yellow container that held the donations.

Our Youth Group Pumpkin Patch was robbed Monday during the night. Our locked money post was stolen. The Police are reviewing two different security cameras. In the meantime, if you see the yellow container discarded along some road, we would like it back (it was costly to make). Please share as you are able. Thanks in advance. - Fr. Tim Biren on Facebook

An update was also shared that the area was under surveillance and a sign was posted right next to the post and the amount of money inside the yellow post was probably minimal.  It was costly to make though and they would like the post returned or found.

Credit: Fr. Tim Biren
Credit: Fr. Tim Biren

If you are driving around Southeast Minnesota and see something yellow like the post in the picture, or know where this might be, please kindly return it to the kids.  You can find the contact info for the church here.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you?  Let me know your story on Facebook, Instagrame-mail...there are so many ways to find me.

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