Just an FYI, we are only a few days away from one of the most important days ever...Mother’s Day.  I’m not saying this just because I am a mom with three kids (although - this is a great reminder for them too!).  I share this info because I know some of you forgot and you feel the need to go do a bit of internet shopping right now.  I hope you have Amazon Prime, otherwise, you are going to be paying A LOT for shipping.  ;)  I’m going to stop you on that internet search because your mom probably isn’t wanting another plant this year.

I was looking for some ideas for my mom last week for Mother’s Day because last year, she got 3 of the same plant in her favorite color from her kids and from my dad.  If you ever met my mom, you know that yellow is her absolute favorite color. She even has a Volkswagon bug that is yellow. Yep. You have probably waved at her or hit someone saying “slug bug” as she drove by your car.  We added a lot of yellow to her life on Mother’s Day and she could have filled her yellow bug with many yellow flowers.

I could get her another yellow plant but instead, I tried to find out from other moms what the ultimate gift would be for Mothers Day.  I did a little poll on the Y105FM Facebook page, asked a bunch of my personal friends, my siblings...and the answer really came back to one main thing.  

According to TopCashback.com, 75% of Americans plan to buy their moms a gift and 60% of us will be spending between $6 and $50.  But, the survey they did also found out that most moms want something that money just can’t buy.

What Mom Really Wants on Her Special Day (according to TopCashback.com):

 *  Spending quality time with the kids (55%)

 *  Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (47%)

 *  Gift card (43%)

 *  Participating in a family activity (41%)

 *  Something homemade (37%)

She will probably cry, give you a big hug...but now you know that you need to turn that Amazon search into a search for plane tickets or fill up that tank of gas.  Go carve out some time and just go see your mom this Mother’s Day. 

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