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On June 7, 2021, a Rochester, Minnesota orthodontist and patient appeared in a national news story about the Zoom Effect, adults wanting orthodontic work done because they didn't like how they looked on all the zoom calls.

The Zoom Effect, coined by a New York orthodontist, is basically what people before zoom calls called, "Too many looks in the mirror." I'm not making a joke here.

Dr. Nellie Kim Weroha on CNBC (CNBC)

If you're anything like me, as a kid you were asking your parents for braces so you would like the smile you saw in the mirror. And as an adult, I know countless people that have done the very same same thing.

Only, in the last year, there have been a LOT more cameras we're looking into than mirrors.

So, reporter Andrea Day did the story for CNBC's Shepard Smith and, after talking with a big city orthodontist, told the story of Gina Kolas, a patient at GLK Orthodontics in Rochester, who said, "Seeing myself on camera, I just thought...oh goodness, I didn't realize my teeth were so crooked..."

Click play to see the story.

Zoom Call Gone Wrong David Gardner via Twitter

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