Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa is being praised for his honesty after turning in cold hard cash he found in the back of his cab on Monday.  Gamboa said he had another passenger by the time he began wondering what was in the brown paper bag. He peeked inside at a traffic light.  Originally he thought someone left chocolates in his cab.  Then, he realized it was not chocolates, but rather $300,000.

"I told my passenger, 'You are my witness on this,'" the 13-year taxi driver told the Las Vegas Sun, "and then I immediately called my dispatcher."

Gamboa took the six bundles of $100 bills to the company's main office, where Las Vegas police and casino officials linked it to the poker player.

Yellow Checker Star Transportation named Gamboa its driver of the year and rewarded him with $1,000 and a dinner for two at a restaurant.

 Gamboa said the man gave him a $5 tip after a trip from the Cosmopolitan resort to the Palms Place tower, and Gamboa then drove to the Bellagio resort, where a doorman helping a passenger into the car noticed the bag.

After several hours the owner was identified and returned his money.

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He took Gamboa's information, but didn't immediately leave a reward.

"If he doesn't give me anything, that's OK," Gamboa told the Sun. "I'm not waiting for any kind of return. I just wanted to do the right thing, and I appreciate what the company did for me."