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There are tons of beautiful, historic buildings in Minnesota. But during spooky season, my mind goes straight to how spooky everything looks (or could look in the right lighting). So when I was looking at different historical places around Minnesota there were a few that I saw and I thought 'man, these could be the setting of a horror movie!' Keep scrolling to check them out and let me know if you agree that these could be the perfect setting for a horror movie.

15 Historic Buildings in Minnesota that Could be Settings for a Horror Movie

Minnesota has incredible historic buildings but during this time of year, the spooky season, my brain went straight to how spooky these buildings look. Here are 15 historic places around Minnesota that all could be settings for a horror movie. Shout out to Seth, the guy behind HighwayHighlights.com, for allowing me to use his photos!

All of these photos have been taken by Seth Hardmeyer, the man behind HighwayHighlights.com. He travels all around Minnesota (and sometimes other states) finding "historical, offbeat, or just plain old interesting" places. He'll stop, take photos, and share them on his website. If you want to check out other places he's been you can find them HERE.

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