Can you believe that it has been over a year since the Gander Mountain store closed in Rochester?  I was there during their last few weeks to find the deals and had hopes that maybe our store would be one that would reopen.  Unfortunately, the store is empty and so is the parking lot.

Cars aren't stopping for this big empty store anymore but the stop signs are still in front of the store.  The crosswalk is there.  The handwritten signs are still on the doors.  A lot is the same since the store closed except, lately, I've noticed this: not all drivers are following the "come to a complete stop" rule that we all learned when we took drivers ed.

How many drivers aren't stopping?  I had a little time to kill on an afternoon so I grabbed a cup of coffee, turned on the radio to Y105FM and just hung out in the parking lot to see how many people are actually stopping at the signs in front of the old Gander Mountain store.  I waited for 20 cars to go through - to get a full and accurate assessment for my very technical survey ;) - and 8 cars didn't stop at all, they just rolled on through.

What do you think?  Do we still need to stop at these signs?  Let me know on my Instagram or Facebook page!

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