When I think back to when I was 20 years old, I wasn't thinking about documenting my life let alone thousands of the men who fought for our freedom in World War Two. In the case of newly minted twenty-year-old Rishi Sharma that is precisely what he wants to do.

On Rishi's GoFundMe page he writes that he "runs a non-profit called Heroes of the Second World War (heroesofthesecondworldwar.org )." Rishi's mission is to video record and to interview 2-3 WWII combat veterans every single day in order to gain their knowledge and wisdom before it is too late.  To date, Rishi has interviewed over 850 WWII veterans across the US! After Rishi is done filming the interview with the veteran he makes a copy for the family involved so they also have something to take home and remember the experience.

But Rishi can't be everywhere at once and that's where he is looking for our help. Rishi is looking for the names and ranks of WW2 veterans in our area so he can coordinate traveling here and interview our surviving veterans.

What an awesome idea, even if Rishi can't make it here anytime soon, why not create your own video with area veterans to help share their stories for generations to come!

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