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The aerial view of this just-down-the-hill-from-Pill Hill home shows just how beautifully tucked it is in the hillside. In fact, a lot of real estate descriptions use the word "nestled" and you know what? This one really is. It really fits into the space behind the Ronald McDonald House, just off 2nd Street SW at 9th Avenue in Rochester, Minnesota.

Joyce N. Walker Edina Realty, Inc.
Joyce N. Walker Edina Realty, Inc.

It is a lot of house for $575,000. I STILL think more than half a million dollars is a lot of money. But when you put it up against new builds with just that cost, or newish homes for that much, well, there's style, history, and your own flipping tennis court and pond!

Plus that's just what houses are costing.

How Many Bedrooms and Is There A  Great Hall?

Plenty of bedrooms for a young family, or a couple that loves to wine and dine with their friends in the Great Hall, and then make sure they have a spare room (or 6) so they don't drink and drive.

Joyce N. Walker Edina Realty, Inc.
Joyce N. Walker Edina Realty, Inc.

The next morning, the three bathrooms ensure a hung-over person a shower without rushing. The kitchen is a bit outdated, but you'll still be able to fit the friends and their headaches in there for a cup or five of coffee.

The basement is a partial walkout, but unfinished, so there's probably room for two more bedrooms right there.

Pill Hill Home w/Tennis Court And the Pinkest Laundry Room You've Ever Seen

"Tucked into the hillside, the multi-level home has 7 bedrooms, including a main floor master suite and bedroom/office, 3 bathrooms, and a 2 car tuck-under garage. The home features two huge livings areas with fireplaces, including a family room with access to a spacious deck overlooking the tennis court." Plus one super pink laundry room.

At $575,000 it's a steal.

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