I've been watching all of your Facebook posts.  Your kids are BEGGING for a puppy...and for some of you, even your spouse.  You have always been the firm believer that you won't have a dog in your house...but maybe these 5 reasons will be enough to convince you that now is the time to bring a puppy home.

1)  They are just cute and adorable.  This is a given and I think 99.9% of all puppies qualify here.

2)  Helps teach responsibility.  Yes...but parents, you have to play a part in this and let your kids learn responsibility.  My kids are in charge of feeding the dog.  When we lived in town, they also helped clean up the leftovers that were in the yard.  (the puppy is not so cute at this moment...fyi)

3)  Companionship.  Like clockwork, every day, our dog will run down the hallway and whimper when he sees the kids walking home from schools.  He loves his family and misses them so much.  My kids have also been found laying on the floor with our puppy, their head on their belly as they are reading a book.  Not exactly how comfortable that is but it is a picture of friendship.

4)  Warning Signal.  My puppy is now a big beast (100 lbs) but I will always know when someone is close by our house.  Always.  (not always my favorite way to wake up at 3am...but I do appreciate him watching over us)

5)  You will be healthier.  According to webmd.com, there are studies that show if you own a pet, your blood pressure is lower, your immune system is boosted and you have less anxiety.

Why do you love your dog?  Check out our Facebook post and add your comment there or below and help spread the puppy love!

(If your spouse is on the fence about a pet...you should send this list to them!)

P.S.  If you see my family, please let them know that I am still waiting for a Saint Bernard puppy.  ;)

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