The difference between "good" and "great" is all in the grooming.

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Hey, did you know that athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt shave their legs? Apparently, it adds an edge of speed.

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I'm sure there's more talent involved than just the grooming. If all athletes, like runners and swimmers shave their legs, then obviously the top athletes like Bolt and Phelps know how to make the most of the talent, and grooming, they have.

I was a big fan of Michael Jordan when he led Da Bulls to four championships.

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I never once noticed that he shaved his legs, too.

So why all the attention to detail?

Science says that almost half of average guys are shaving their legs. Guys are doing it to be like their sports heroes. And to impress women. Nearly fifty percent are manscaping their legs because just over half of all women asked admitted that it does make a good impression.

Would you shave your legs to impress? Does a guy look better in shorts with shaved legs? Share your opinion in the comments section below.