I'm not much into fitness and exercise - hey, round IS a shape - but I could get on board with THIS new exercise!

When my wife and I first got married, we got a gym membership. She made it part of her daily routine. We tried going together, and working out together, but something always came up. I'm not making this up! There was usually a project around our place she wanted me to take care of, or an errand I had to run. The one or two times we did go together it was like high school gym class all over again. I felt really self-conscious in my gym "uniform". Probably one of my lesser moments, I told her I wanted to quit the gym, because I just felt awkward.

It was a little easier than that. But there's this new exercise that I could totally re-join for.

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A gym in England has this new exercise workout called "Napercise". You go and take a forty-minute nap! The warm-ups, like stretching before and after are optional! But, really, who doesn't stretch before and after a good snooze?

I am totally there!

It's no secret that you can burn calories and lose weight while you sleep. Yeah, it's a little slower than when you're awake...walking, jogging, cycling, rowing or lifting weights at the fitness center. Y'know, being active.

I asked the Googles how much weight and how many calories a person burns while asleep - which is kinda the same thing as napping. Halls.md says, "The average person about 0.42 calories for every pound in one hour of sleep."

But Napercise is not about burning a LOT of calories and losing a LOT of weight. It's designed for mental health and mood elevation. It's like deep meditation. Really deep meditation.

I am so there! I'm gonna try this out at home before looking for a class at the fitness center. Would you try this exercise out?

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