I don't know if this is a world record, but it's probably pretty close.

Hi, I'm James Rabe, former owner of a beard. I grew it and trimmed it, but for over two years, there it was. Once, I even used it to fight cancer and won an award with it!

CREDIT: Garrett Stadsvold - American Cancer Society
CREDIT: Garrett Stadsvold - American Cancer Society

But it was messy, my usual superstar hair stylist wasn't available because of Covid-19 (she does beard trims, too), so I decided one morning, when I was late for work by the way, to shave it all off. I mention LATE FOR WORK, because that's why I had to shave so fast.

Click play on the video...behold:

a) The fastest shave in Rochester, MN

ii) The worst mutton chops in Rochester, MN

3) The mustache that NO ONE wants James to ever have again.

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