I cut myself shaving this morning. Now, I know what you're thinking: Baby!

I'll admit it: I kinda let myself go. I was gettin' kinda shaggy and it was time to grab a razor. I nicked myself shaving this morning.

What's the big deal? That kinda thing happens every day. Well, it wasn't my beard I had let go...and I didn't nick myself around my chin or under my nose; although, I have clipped a little too close around my nose before. It's really awkward when you nick yourself shaving around your nose - amIright, amIright?

No, I had let my hair grow out a little long, and it was time to do the Brittany Spears thing and clean up a little.

Britney Spears' Hair For Sale On Ebay
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So, I grabbed the clipper, and when to work. Then I used a straight razor to clean up. Yeah, I shave my head with a clipper and a straight razor. Now, some people think that might be kinda tough. It does require a steady hand. It's no fun to slip and nick your scalp.

Or your ear. Which is what I did.


Probably can't tell because I cleaned up the blood so it wouldn't look so gross, but, I cut myself shaving right on the top of my ear there, where the earpiece for my glasses rests. Emergency Responders were not needed at the scene, and I should be okay the rest of the day.

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