The mornings are a rush out the door with the kids.  Laundry is always in a pile needing to be washed or needing to be folded.  The homework, grocery shopping, and stepping on random toys with your bare feet eventually add up to the need for a mom getaway.  Good news...there is one coming to Rochester!

Years ago, when I was a new mom, I took a road trip with a whole bunch of other moms.  We drove hours away - without our kids - and had all of our bags with us, including our mom guilt.

I went on several of these road trips when my babies were little and to be honest, those getaways were something I needed and I learned from other moms that were on stage as musicians and speakers, including Jill Savage.  Jill is a funny and hilarious speaker who just gets what it is like to be a mom - from the poopy diapers to the huge toddler kisses that just melt your heart.

For all the moms that are feeling overwhelmed and needing a getaway, Jill Savage is bringing a bunch of her friends to Rochester for the Mom Getaway Day on October 26th - 27th at the Mayo Civic Center.  Registration is open now and ends October hurry!

“I’m so excited to bring my Mom Getaway Day to the moms of the Rochester area. My first Mom Getaway Day in Illinois sold out in four days. This one is filling up and will be a fantastic way for moms to recharge their batteries, refresh their heart, and refocus their priorities!” - Jill Savage

Mom Getaway Day Info

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