Amazing Northern Lights Might Be Visible Monday and Tuesday In Minnesota

Word is spreading fast about the possibility of another sighting of the Northern Lights in Minnesota.  If you haven't heard, Monday, September 18th, is looking pretty favorable at the moment to catch a glimpse.  If you are hoping to see these in the sky, check the tips below to see how to see them best.

A few months ago, we had an amazing sight a few weeks ago of the Northern Lights!  It was the first time I had a chance to ever see the Northern Lights and I was in awe.  Mother nature is bringing her glory once again to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and possibly a bit in Iowa and Northern Illinois too.  Any time you are dealing with the weather, we know that things can change.  But as of right now, it looks pretty promising to see the light show in the sky on Monday, September 18th, and possibly a bit on Tuesday, September 19th.

Credit: Jessica Williams
Northern Lights in Southeast Minnesota in April 2023.  Credit: Jessica Williams

According to, there will be geomagnetic activity on Monday, September 18th, 2023 and several Midwest states are in the viewing area.  (See map below)

It calms down a bit on Tuesday, September 19th but according to the map from below, Minnesota and Wisconsin are still in the viewing area that evening.

Tips to See the Northern Lights

If you'd like a chance to see the lights, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Drive away from the city lights.
  • Try to find a parking spot that is away from any farm or street lights.
  • Take a photo with your phone of the sky - if you see green on the photo when you look at it, that is probably the Northern Lights.  (The photo helps you realize what you need to focus on)
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Check Out The Amazing Photos of the Northern Lights in Southeast Minnesota From the End of March

My wish came true a few months ago when I saw in person the Northern Lights right here in Southeast Minnesota.  At the end of March, I got a little excited because I heard through the internet grapevine that some spectacular displays of the lights were being displayed all over Southeast Minnesota.  I tried to find them before and always failed but thought I might actually have a chance this time.

Not only did I see the Northern Lights but so did a ton of others!  If you missed out, check the photos below to see the amazing show that the lights put on for us in the sky.

Amazing Northern Lights Spotted in Southeast Minnesota (PHOTOS)

The night sky was dancing and full of color on Thursday, March 23rd as the Northern Lights were spotted all over Southeast Minnesota. And it was truly phenomenal! Below are a few photos captured by individuals in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area.

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