Are you a worried parent? Worried about your kids and drugs and addiction, especially since your kids use so many foreign words and "text talk"? Well, this is perfect for you! This one is going to Byron Middle School, but parents from all over Olmsted County are welcome to attend. (Scroll down for full even info.)

It's a two-hour program that is NOT designed for kids. I know the headline makes that clear, but I want to stress it because Sheriff Kevin Torgerson (and others from the Olmsted County Sherrif's Department) will use very blunt and direct language to help you understand the how your kid using various drugs will look to you, how they act when they're hiding something from you, and how to keep those lines of communication open with your kids, which makes all of this so much easier to deal with.

This is the second time it's been done this year, the last time, in Stewartville, parents said they loved it, and were especially happy to leave with the lingo the kids are using.