If heading out for a fun date or night out in Rochester is in your plans for Saturday, you may want to order some take-out.  Here is why...

Saturday, October 6th is Homecoming for TWO high schools in Rochester - John Marshall and Century.  If you were eating out last weekend, you may have noticed the dressed up teens for Mayo High School's homecoming.  This weekend, it will be twice as busy!

Here are a few restaurants that are popular among the teens for Homecoming that you may want to avoid on Saturday:

  1. Chesters Kitchen & Bar.  This is one of my favorites and is very close to the Peace Plaza, which is a popular place for photos.
  2. Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria.  This is a newer one on the map but it is a busy place for the teens on Homecoming night.
  3. Victoria's Ristorante & Wine Bar.  This is the perfect setting for a date and can hold large groups...and it has amazing pasta!
  4. Five West.  It is probably going to be too cold for outdoor seating but this place has great food and is perfect for those getting dressed up for hoco.
  5. Terza.  The igloos are gone from the roof (La Vetta) but this is still a great place for a perfect homecoming meal.

Many of these restaurants do offer take-out so make sure you give them a call if you have the craving for something on their menu.

Tips for the high schoolers:  1)  Remember to thank your waiter or waitress for their service...in money and kind words.  2)  Be safe and respectful!  Let's not have any dances shut down this year.

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