A few weeks ago I had a blast recording people that lost weight with the help of the Rochester Medifast Center. It was amazing to hear their stories...about how taking charge of their life, and losing weight has helped them in so many ways. Here's one great story...

Now, this isn't a commercial. Medifast isn't paying me to do this. I want to share it because I love what happens when you become more mindful, when you practice self care. And, honestly, when you have a partner to help you make it happen.

The video below is Terri Kopka, she was telling me about losing 104 pounds. This is just a snippet, but it gives you the feel for what it's like in the studio when you're sharing stories of success, of goals reached. In some cases, there are tears, in this case, she's just. So. Happy!

In another segment, she told me about working in the ER, and how hitting her goal made her job easier. If you struggle with your weight, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Not being able to do the job without sweating, joints hurting, and people asking if you're OK.

And that's what is most impressive to me. People finding out what their body can do. The moving, the playing, the working. Living.

Medifast would like me to mention average weight loss for Medifast Weight Control Center customers is 25 pounds. Medifast Weight Control Center customers are in weight loss, on average, for 20 weeks

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