O.M.G.  I am literally on the studio floor laughing.  SNL came up with one of the funniest bits I have seen since Justin Timerblake was on as a guest.  This one is geared for moms though and I can almost guarantee that anyone with kids, with a couch or thought about hitting the gym will understand.

The topic is yoga pants.  Yep.  One of my favorite pieces of clothing!

I'm not trying to brag here but I have 20 different pairs of black yoga pants and capris.  That might sound extreme to some of you (and normal to many others!) but honestly, I used to teach at three gyms in town, had my own little workout place for women in my home, so having multiple pairs to change in to was kind of a must.  And let's just have a truth moment, you really can't have enough pairs of yoga pants...or at least that is what I say when I start walking into Target.

Please show your friends this...because all women should enjoy this skit!  (so funny!!!)

What's your favorite SNL skit?  Tell me in the comments or on my Facebook page so I can watch it and laugh some more!

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