On a very late night in January, I was up way too late and scrolling through Facebook.  Some call that "being lazy".  I call that "show prep for a radio show".   While I was there, I saw magic happen on the internet.

Ok, it wasn't really "magic" but I was looking at my screen at just the right moment when a popular restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota that had recently closed changed its name on social media.


I immediately put my research hat on and went to work to figure out what this new business called Big Head Burrito was all about because my family LOVES burritos.  We are basically regulars at Corono's Tacos...which btw, are amazing!

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Not only did I find out info about Big Head Burrito but now we know when the new place is opening.

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Where Is Big Head Burrito Opening in Rochester, Minnesota?

The location of the new place, Big Head Burrito, is listed as 308 1st Ave. NW in Rochester, which is next to Tilda's and Redwood Room.  A bit too far from my office to go and grab a bite to eat but I am sure others will find the location an easy one to stop by.


When Is Big Head Burrito Opening in Rochester, Minnesota?

I've reached out several times to Creative Cuisine Co., which is home to Big Head Burrito, Purple Goat, Newt's, The Redwood Room, and City Market.  I even stopped by Big Head Burrito this morning to see if I could catch someone before I started my day.  I haven't seen a response yet to my messages but I did hear that an opening date has been set.

If you want to try the new spot, it sounds like you'll have a chance this week.  According to Jeff Kiger with the Post Bulletin, opening day for Big Head Burrito is happening on Wednesday, March 13th.


Did You Hear That Tinn's Opened Up Again in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota?

Just a few weeks ago, a bunch of our stomachs started to growl after the announcement popped up that Tinn's Grilled Philly Steak Subs (another place my family loves!) was re-opening.

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They were teasing us on Facebook and let everyone know that they would be opening soon at 1219 2nd Street SW in Rochester, Minnesota. (Get Directions).

Tinn's Grilled Philly Steak Subs cooked fresh.
Located in front of St. Mary's.
- Tinn's Grilled Philly Steak Subs Facebook Page


This is the exact spot where Tinn's was located before on 2nd Street back when we all fell in love with their amazing food.

The good news is...Tinn's is officially open and since I'm a big fan, I can tell you that it tastes just like I remember.

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