Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Olmsted County Attorney’s office has dropped an assault case involving a disabled Rochester man and his brother.

Police arrested 27 year old Ahmed Mohamud Olol in October last year after he poured boiling water on his brother during a visit to the victim’s apartment. Police say the two got into an argument and the victim  - who is paraplegic - was on a bed when his brother grabbed a pan of boiling water and threw it at him. The 31 year old victim suffered burns to his shoulder, back and arms.

Olol - who lives in Minneapolis - was charged with felony assault. The case was delayed for months as Olol underwent a mental evaluation. It was determined Olol was mentally ill at the time of the incident and he underwent treatment.

Chief Deputy Attorney Jim Martinson says the court agreed to dismiss the case last Friday in the interest of justice.