Every year, I go back in time and personally reflect on all of the businesses that have said their final goodbyes.  Target, Walmart, Best Buy have all announced multiple closings throughout the country this past year.  Locally though, we were hit pretty hard.

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SHOCKING: Over 25 Businesses and Restaurants Closed in Rochester, Minnesota in 2023

Before I started working on this, I thought that there were probably just a handful of places that I'd look back that put that "closed" sign up on its door.  I felt like I was punched in the gut as I started counting all of the businesses that are now gone in our town.  Sadly, in Rochester, Minnesota, we saw over 25 businesses close for good in 2023.

Over 25 Rochester, Minnesota Businesses and Restaurants That Closed in 2023

2023 was another year of final goodbyes for several businesses and restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

As I stared at the list above, all I could think was how hard this past year was for so many and the numerous hours that people worked so the final decision to close didn't have to actually be announced.

That is why my gut hurt.  These are our people.  Our history.  Some of our favorite places.  Not all of the locations above are sitting empty, thankfully, but many are now vacant just waiting for the person with a dream to make magic happen in the space again.

I am human so there could have been one that I missed.  I make mistakes just like everyone else.  If I missed one, let me know by sending me a note at jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com.


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