Many area students are having so many 'COLD' days these days, one has to wonder if they will ever have school!   Of course they will, but we have been experiencing cold that we have not experienced in many years.   Can you believe that?  THE COLDEST PERIOD in this latest outbreak? 30 - 50 below windchill ranges in the area!

Sue Moore

Those words come directly from the National Weather Service.  Just a few minutes ago, I took this photo just outside of my garage.   It looks like a giant Teepee! Mother Nature built that snowy home just last night and this morning, with wind gusts enough to lift the snow into such a formation.  Incredible is it not?

Well it's pretty obvious that it's darn cold outside.  We have yet another Wind Chill Warning from the National Weather Service.  Yes, again.   And Again.  It's becoming the norm is it not?

NOAA/National Weather Service/Weather.Gov

And yet more school closings, cancellations and delays.


Our Y105 Staff meteorologist, Steve Wohlenhaus, posted this to facebook, [Below] about our 'Bitter Cold Air.'  We are not alone in the cold, much of the United States is suffering.



Yet another meteorologist on staff with the weather eye weather center, Sam Dunaiski, posted about various things and when they freeze.  Click on the image below to read his post.

Sam Dunaiski/Michael Karow/Weatherology Click On the Photo For the Post

Many reports are calling this January... brace yourself... 'THE COLDEST JANUARY IN THE PAST CENTURY.'  This is for the United States in general.  The brief time I have spent living on this Earth, I can't remember it being this cold before.   Not that I am complaining.  Ok, maybe I am.   But WE HAVE THE RIGHT, DO we not?   Ok, well either way, kids, rejoice, you have another day off from school.  I hope that our Polar Vortex, or whatever you'd like to label this deep freeze/arctic/cold weather dilemma/bad hand of nature cards we have been dealt ends soon.   It's getting a little bit irritating.