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Coffee news is buzzing again in Rochester!  A brand that is known well in Minnesota, Caribou Coffee, is soon opening up another location on South Broadway.  This will be their 11th location in the med city.

I just heard half of you scream loudly and another half of you say under your breath, "Don't we have enough coffee shops?". ☕ Obviously, the answer to that question is no.  And...how dare you.

According to Jeff Kiger's story in the Post Bulletin on January 13th, Caribou Coffee will be putting a new location in the strip mall that is near Flapdoodle's Ice Cream on South Broadway.  Right now, the only business in that location is Shopko Optical.

Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams

What I find very interesting is that a new coffee biz to Rochester, Scooter's Coffee, will be basically right next door.  If you haven't heard about that awesome coffee news, get the latest info here.  (And FYI, I just had a cup of their coffee when I was in Iowa and did a little taste test just for you...the place was adorable and delicious.  You will like it.)

But wait...there's more!  Our area has been very busy with all sorts of coffee news.  Here are a few other stories about coffee shops in our area that you may have missed in the news:

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